Welcome, proud warriors!

IMPORTANT: DUE to the COVID-19 crisis raging across the world we have adapted our summer event into the 2020 quarantine edition of the 24amrap challenge


Welcome to the 2020 quarantine edition of the 24-Hour AMRAP Challenge: NEVER OUT OF THE FIGHT!

This is the 8th edition of the 24-Hour AMRAP Challenge will go on as planned in a modified version: instead of 24 hours.

  • Event date: saturday 13th of June
  • Duration: 12 hours back-to-back
  • Workload: 24-minutes of work per hour
  • Time: 12 noon CET to 12 midnite CET
  • Who: solo athete, male or female
  • Registration fee: € 19,95
  • What: CrossFit-related bodyweight only movements in your own home
  • How: every hour we publish 3 movements to choose from
  • AMRAP24: you have 24 minutes every hour to complete 250 reps to stay in the race!
  • the 24 minutes start on the hour every hour so the rest of that hour is downtime
  • Space needed: at least 3 by 2 meters (10 by 6 feet)
  • Equimpent needed: none other than you and your furniture
  • Level: RX only but ANYONE can attend, you have 3 movements to choose from and there’s at least one for you!

What’s going to be different?

  • we will work for 12 hours instead of 24 hours
  •  instead of teams of 6 athletes it will be a solo event
  • instead of working and staying in the box you work in the safety of your own home
  • instead of using all kinds of CrossFit equipment, it’s bodyweight-only
  • instead of working a full hour with your team you will work for 24 minutes
  • instead of 500 reps with your team to stay in the race, you need 250 reps alone to stay in the race
  • after 12 hours a world champion will be crowned in the women’s and men’s division

What will be the same?

  • you will work against and with athletes from all over the world
  • it’s an online competition in real-time
  • after every hour you will submit your score online
  • after the event we will review the video footage of the top contenders to validate competition movement standards
  • RX only but you will have 3 movements to choose from every hour so there will be at least one in there you can do
  • fallback movement is the burpee so throughout the entire event 1 burpee counts as 1 rep

More info:

  • a virtual real-time team event that lasts for 12 hours
  • every hour upon the hour, we will publish three movements online
  • you are free to use one, two, or all three movements, or any combination of them
  • every hour the team submits their score online
  • the online leaderboard will be updated every hour creating true real-time global competition
  • to verify movement standards and fair play every team is required to film all 24 minutes of work done every hour of the team in action
  • you do not need to submit the video footage but store it so our Judges team can review them after the event if you end up as the #1 ranked athlete
  • top contender in global ranking wins the world championship trophy and epic bragging rights


The 24-hour AMRAP Challenge is a unique, one-of-a-kind, bi-annual team event, that connects athletes and gyms from all over the world, simultaneously. This event is a challenge, the ultimate test of physical and mental persiverance, an amazing experience… for the athletes, the box, the community, the supporters… but it’s also a competition: at the end of the event, after 24 hours, the team with the highest total amount of completed reps is the champion!

World Champions

    • 2014 – Fitpower 24/7 (NL)
    • 2015 – Pennies For The Boatman (USA)
    • 2016 – Pennies For The Boatman (USA)
    • 2017 – Tight Butts and Sweaty Nuts (USA)
    • 2018  Summer Edition – CFW Champs (Ger)
    • 2018 Winter Edition – Team Oly Clothing (Ire)
    • 2019 Summer Edition – Rep Buddies (GER)
    • 2019 Winter Edition – Kampfgemeinschaft Innviertel (AUT)

The 24-hour AMRAP WOD is an event produced by the 24AMRAP Crew