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follow link Welcome to the 2018 Summer Edition of the 24-Hour AMRAP Challenge! 

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This is the 5th edition of the 24-Hour AMRAP Challenge, that takes place on saturday july 7th and sunday july 8th 2018. For 24 hours, teams of 6 athletes from all over the world will be tested in a way they never have been tested before. In real-time!

Check out the 101 teams that competed in the last event in December 2017 here.

http://rpstransit.com/shuttle/ What is the 24-Hour AMRAP Challenge?

  • the event lasts for 24 hours
  • start time is July 7th noon CET, end time is July 8th, noon CET
  • six athletes per team, at least two female athletes per team
  • every team performs this event in their own box
  • the athletes have to stay in the location during the entire 24 hours
  • every hour upon the hour, we will publish three movements
  • your team needs to complete at least 500 reps per hour using these movements
  • only one athlete can work at a time, teams have to work in a caroussel style fashion
  • you are free to use one, two, or all three movements, or any combination of them
  • every hour the team submits their score online
  • the online leaderboard will be updated every hour creating true real-time global competition
  • at least one CF-L1 or Certified CF Judge must be present during the 24 hours
  • the team that has completed the most amount of reps after 24 hours, wins
  • to verify movement standards and fair play every team is required to film 15 minutes of every hour of the team in action
  • top teams in global ranking wins the world championship trophy and epic bragging rights
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The 24-hour AMRAP Challenge is a unique, one-of-a-kind, annual team event, that connects athletes and gyms from all over the world, simultaneously. This event is a challenge, the ultimate test of physical and mental persiverance, an amazing experience… for the athletes, the box, the community, the supporters… but it’s also a competition: at the end of the event, after 24 hours, the team with the highest total amount of completed reps is the champion!

World Champions

  • 2014 – Fitpower 24/7 (NL)
  • 2015 – Pennies For The Boatman (USA)
  • 2016 – Pennies For The Boatman (USA)
  • 2017 – Tight Butts and Sweaty Nuts (USA)

The 24-hour AMRAP WOD is an event produced by Renato van Bloemenhuis