THANK YOU! YOU ARE AMAZING! First of all, we want to thank you for participating in our event, we gave it our full 110% to make it an event to remember. We are truly thankful for your trust in us and we hope that you’ve made some amazing memories with your teammates, friends, family and supporters in your box. Just getting to the last hour and finishing these 24 hours of non-stop CrossFit is a huge achievement on its own and makes you a TRUE CHAMPION!

Renato, Brechje and Marco, 24AMRAP Crew

Now onto the last 3 movements:

OH Squat 20/30 [1:3] – squat down to where the top of the knee is higher than the crease of the hip holding the barbell in the OH position with fully extended arms – one OH Squat counts as 3 reps/points

Handstand Hold – handstand hold against the wall, face forward or face backward, with body fully extended and head between arms – 3 seconds = 1 rep

Partner Movement: Tag Team Wall Balls  4/6 – (mixed teams 6) – two athletes perform the wall ball shot movement but the ball must be shot by athlete A, hit the wall at the appropriate height and be received by athlete B. Then athlete B shoots the ball up the wall etc. Of course standard Wall Ball Shot movement standards still apply: in squat top of the knee above the crease of the hip. If the ball is not received/caught by the other athlete it’s a no rep. Every completed wall ball shot counts as 2 points!


HOUR 23 

For all movements this hour: YOU ARE ALLOWED TO GO OUTSIDE!!!

  1. Sandbag Carry 10/15kg – 2 meters = 1 rep / you can carry the sandbag any way you like
  2. One-Handed Farmers Walk/Suitcase Walk – 12kg/16kg – grip a KB in one hand and walk – 2 meters = 1 rep *free hand can be on hip or free from body, you are free to choose*
  3. Mystery Movement 5: Backwards Crab Walk – perform the crab walk, backwards – 2 meters = 1 rep


Hour 22, hold on, the end is near!

Plate Sit-up 5/10kg – Sit-up holding a weight plate in front of your chest or over your head

Sandbag Clean & Jerk 10/15 [1:2] – from the floor perform a clean and jerk with the sandbag, ending in extended arms press position holding the sandbag overhead, clean and press is also allowed

Goblet Squat 8/12 – squat with bottom position top of the knee above crease of the hip, holding a kettlebell in front of the chest