5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your 24AMRAP Event

Let’s not beat around the bush. The 24AMRAP event is a truly unique event. There’s nothing like it anywhere on earth. And after you sign up your team(s) you can decide how you want to play this out. Here are some things that are going to happen simply because you are competing in the event:

  1. your box/affiliate is going to be open for a really long time – the event lasts for 24 hours, take a couple hours before the event to set everything up and a few hours after to wrap it up and we’re talking about 26-30 hours. That’s a long time…
  2. like we said, it’s unique – when you tell someone, CrossFit athlete or not, what you are about to do, they usually react surprised, awestruck or laugh at you. Or a combination of those responses will occur. That’s because it sounds (and is) pretty radical. Hardcore. Or crazy. Which one depends on the mindset of the person in question. But yeah: it’s a… thing…
  3. it’s going to involve a lot of people – so it’s not just going to be the 6 athletes that are in the team. There will be supporters, assistants, caretakers, more supporters, people who like to see other people suffer, fans, more supporters etc. From surveys we conducted throughout the last three editions of the 24AMRAP Challenge with some of the competing teams we estimate that every team “brings” 20 people with them. Spouse, friends, fellow athletes… so yeah, it’s going to be fun. With other people, some who’ve never set foot in a CrossFit box before…

Now as a team and/or affiliate owner, you could take advantage of these 3 facts. Here are our 5 tips and suggestions:

  1. let’s party! – open for 30 hours continually is a great opportunity to really bring out the community members and strengthen the bonds:  organize a barbecue (or barbecues) and throw a cocktail party, set up a karaoke set and have some fun. It’ll make the suffering of the teams more bearable too 😀
  2. tie your event to a charity cause and raise some money – this will be a double-edged sword and many teams and affiliates have done this in previous years. First of all, you will help your community and of course the charity by supplying it with funds and good karma. Secondly, it will shine a completely different light on the whole challenge and strengthen te resolve of the teams, especially in the tough hours… there’s actually a mountain of science behind it: lifting a challenge to a higher level than to just serve yourself and put yourself in service of others generates a mind shift that enables you to become more enduring in the face of adversity
  3. promote your affiliate – yes, a crazy tough event will draw eyeballs and that’s good because every box could use more members. Use social media and even print media to get the word out, reach out to local radio stations and press: a unique event will give them something to “talk about” and the timing is great: the event is held in december, and the start of january is traditionally a time when lots of people say to themselves “I’m going to start this year right by joining a gym and work out more to get fit again…” So get them in the door during your event and show them your amazing CrossFit affiliate
  4. create additional revenue streams – because a lot of people, members and non-members will be dropping by, it creates a great opportunity to sell merchandise, food etc. And the atmosphere will be energizing and positive, always a good setting for selling 😉
  5. document and share – here in our location we always hire a professional photographer to drop in twice during the event. The pictures that he’ll take are used throughout the year and the photo’s and accompanying stories that are shared online draw thousands and thousands of eyeballs. Both for the event and for our affiliate. Of course you can also use video and several teams used live streams last year which gave the event even more of a real-time feel, watching teams on different continents working on the same challenges on different screens… It’s an amazing event, make sure you capture the essence of who you are and how you experience it, trust me when I tell you that those pictures and video’s will be worth a lot to you when it’s over…

I hope this gives you some ideas. If you have ideas of your own or maybe tips on how you got the most out of the event last year if you participated in 2016, drop us a line on our Facebook page!



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