Movement List 24AMRAP 2018

This is the list of movements that will used in this year’s edition of the #24AMRAP challenge. Combinations of a block of 3 movements per hour will be published every hour upon the hour, together with movement standards and descriptions, URL’s to video’s etc. More info on the event and the event rules here.

Fe 1) Pull-ups 2) Air Squat 3) Rowing (calories). Meaning that you need to complete at least 500 reps with your 6-man team, of one of those movements or a combination of: Pull-ups, Squats, or Rowing (1 calorie = 1 rep) to stay in the race. You can use 1, 2 or all 3 movements in that hour, feel free to choose and combine as you wish. One athlete works, the other 5 rest: carrousel style. Don’t forget: the Fallback Movement is the Burpee. This will count as 1 rep/point throughout the entire event!


Not all movements will generate 1 rep/point upon completion, some movements will be judged lighter or heavier. For example, a Jumping Jack may count as 3:1 meaning 3 Jumping Jacks stand for 1 rep in your team’s effort to complete at least 500 reps per hour. A Bar Muscle Up may be counted as 1:2 meaning that 1 BMU rep counts as 2 reps. This will be displayed as [3:1] and  [1:2]

The weights shown are the weights for women/men in kg’s. If you use pounds, try to get as close to the kg amount as possible.

This is the complete movement list:

Snatch 15/20
Farmers Walk 16/24 per hand
Suitcase Walk 16/24
Bench Press 20/30
Jump Squat
Single Kettlebell Clean 8/12
Jumping Pull-up
Strict Press 15/20
Inverted Hang
Running 10 meter = 1 rep
Back Squat
OH Squat 15/20 [1:3]
Thruster 15/20
KB Snatch 8/12
Hang Snatch 15/20
Box Stepover 20”/24”
Jumping Jack [3:1]
Double Under
Plate Sit-up 5/10
Sandbag Clean & Jerk 10/15
Goblet Squat 8/12
Bear Walk 1 meter = 1 rep
Dead Man’s Hang 1 second = 1 rep
Plank On Elbows 1 second = 1 rep
Front Squat 15/20
Air squat
HSPU [1:3]
Handstand Walk 1 meter = 5 reps
Sandbag Box Stepovers 10/15 On 16”/20” box [1:2]
Partner Movement: Standing Back-To-Back Wall Ball Pass-around 4/6
Reverse Lunge Step
Ring Support 1 second = 1 rep
Partner Movement – Portal Crawl-unders
Partner Movement- Wheelbarrow Walk 1 meter = 2 reps
OH Plate Walk 5/10kg 2 meter = 1 rep
Walking Lunge Holding Medball 6/9kg 1 meter = 1 rep
TGU 8/12 [1:2]
Pull-up [1:2]
C2B [1:3]
OH Plate Lunge Walk 5/10
KB Swing 12/16
Spiderman push-up [1:2]
Sandbag Carry 10/15kg 2 meter = 1 rep
Mountain Climber
Bar Muscle Up [1:4]
Pike Walk
Bicycle Crunch [3:1]
Wall Ball 4/6
Frog Jump 1 meter = 1 rep
Sandbag Deadlift 10/15
Rowing 5 meters = 1 rep
Ring Dip [1:3]
Single Rope Jump [3:1]
Pistol Squat [1:3]
Box Jump 16”/20”
One-Hand KB S2OH 8/12
One-Handed KB Swing 8/12
Sandbag S2OH 10/15
Deadlift – move as much weight as possible: 1kg moved = 1 rep
KB Halo 12/16
Rowing 1 calorie = 1 rep
Russian Twist [2:1]
Hang Clean 20/30
+ 5 Mystery Movements

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Hour One Is Upon Us!

Mighty warriors,

We are almost at the starting line. We are about to embark on an epic mission that will take us into the magnificent depths of human performance, grit, durability, friendship and community. Hundreds of athletes and support staff in dozens of affiliates in many different countries and continents will be focused and executing the exact same movements at the exact same time in real time. Think about it. Yeah, pretty darn amazing right?!

Your team captain has received the final Briefing Email a couple of days ago with all the details needed for participating in the event, if he/she hasn’t forwarded it, alert them to this fact immediately as you’re reading this. That email is crucial to participating in the event, especially the part of the scoring process. Remember that this is a real-time Every Hour On The Hour event so clear, speedy communication is important. Any questions or hiccups, email us ASAP!

I hope your team is ready to rock with all preparations set but still here are some resources we’ve mentioned before but I thought it would be wise to list them again on one page.

Have fun preparing for the event!

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