Equipment List 24AMRAP


Good day, mighty warriors!

This is the equiment list per team for the #24AMRAP Challenge 2019. This list is a minimal set of the required equipment to complete the challenge.

  • Men’s barbell – 20kg
  • Women’s barbell – 15kg
  • Weight plates: 2 sets of 2.5kg, 2 sets of 5kg, 4 sets of 10kg, 2 sets of 15kg
  • Kettlebell – 8kg
  • Kettlebell – 12kg
  • Kettlebell – 16kg
  • Sandbag – 10kg
  • Sandbag – 15kg
  • Plyo box 20″/24″
  • Plyo box 20″/24″
  • Medicine ball – 4kg
  • Medicine ball – 6kg
  • Medicine ball – 9kg
  • Pull-up bar
  • set of rings
  • Jump Rope
  • 4 Cones (disc cones or high cones)
  • Concept 2 Rower
  • Assault Bike
  • Squat rack or set of Barbell support stands
  • Rope for rope climbs (15ft minimum)
  • Sled or prowler

NOTE: if you do not have a piece of equipment in your box, please email us for substitution exercises. For the most common subs check this list:

  • weights are in kg but if you use lbs just use a weight similar or close to it (CrossFit Open WODs state both lbs and kg in their descriptions if you need a point of reference)
  • instead of sandbags use kettlebell(s) or medicine ball(s) of equal weight
  • instead of the Assault Bike use the rower or ski erg
  • for sled or prowler push sub barbell front rack lunges (30/40kg) in meters for distance
  • instead of rope climbs sub 3 BMU or 6 pull-ups

If you have any other questions regarding equipment, contact us here