Frequently Asked Questions

Team members

  • Can we change team members after we submit our team? – Yes you can, until 12 hours before the start of the event, to do this, send us an email at 24amrap@mail.com 
  • Are we allowed to change team members after the event has started? – No you are not
  • Is it possible to sign up a team with only 4 team members and participate anyway? We can’t find anyone who wants to join us. – It is possible, but we do not recommend it, in previous years we saw teams struggle when 1 or 2 team members had to drop out because of injuries or exhaustion
  • If one of my team members gets injured during the event, can we substitute with another athlete from our box? – No! If  a team member gets injured he or she cannot be replaced and the remaining athletes have to perform the required 500 reps to stay in the race. The injured team member cannot leave the location, unless medical attention is needed.

Judges and judging

  • Does every team need a LVL-1 certified Coach or Judge or can one such athlete judge more teams? – Yes he/she can, as long as that athlete is present in the same location where the teams are situated
  • Can the Judge or LVL-1 Coach be part of the team? – Yes it can, this is what most of the teams do, although some teams have Judges and people who count reps, who work in shifts, it’s up to you to find the most efficient way to work
  • What if the Judges declare No Reps? – Just like in any other competition, those reps will not count
  • If this is a competition, is there a way to ensure fair play, counting reps? – All teams are required to film a minimum of 15 minutes per hour of their performance. Our Judges team will review the video footage of the top team(s) after the event has ended to validate RX movement standards. The exact video camera angle requirements will be the same as in the CrossFit Open. Use common sense: if we can’t see any squat depth because of poor camera angles or lighting we cannot determine wether movements were performed according to movement standards and are therefor no reps.


  • What kind of equipment do we need? – The equipment needed to perform the required movements for the event  is basic equipment like kettlebells, barbells, weight plates, box jumps, jump rope, pull-up bars etc. We will publish a complete equipment list well before the event. Even if not all the necessary equipment is availible, we can find alternatives. 
  • What if our equipment breaks or mailfunctions, for example, a rower breaks down during the event and we cannot complete the 500 reps in that hour? Are we out of the competition? – Communicate with our support team and we will validate the claim, we will find a solution.

Movements and movement standards

  • Can the movements be scaled?  – No, all movements have to be completed in RX fashion, according to the competition movement standards for that movement. Movement standards for the movements will be published together with the movements every hour. 
  • Are there examples and instructions of the movements availible? – Yes, when the 3 movements are published every hour, you will also see movement instructions, point values and movement standards
  • What if there are movements I cannot perform because of injuries or skill level? – In every block of three movements published every hour we will incorporate movements that can be performed by (almost) everyone, so athletes of every skill and strenght level can participate. 
  • Where will the movements be published every hour? – The movements will be published on this website and on several social media platforms.
  • When will the movements be published? – The movements will be published every hour, upon the hour.
  • If we cannot complete the required 500 reps RX in a particular hour, are we out of the race? – Yes, your event ends there and then. Your score will be the total amount of reps until that hour.


  • How does the scoring work? – It’s an AMRAP, so you count reps/points. Some movements are harder or are high level movements so they can be worth more points, some are worth less points. Fe: a ring muscle up could be worth 3 points while 3 jumping jacks could be worth 1 point/rep. This will be displayes as [1:3] and [3:1]. No numbers just means 1 rep is 1 rep/point. Points per movement will be published together with the movements upon the hour.
  • Is there a leaderboard and if yes, where can we find it? – A leaderboard that gets updated in rea-time can be found on this website and updates are communicated via social media
  • How do you determine the winner? – The team that has accumulated the greatest amount of total reps completed wins the competition. We will publish a temporary end rankings list right after the event, but we need up to 96 hours after the event to review the video footage of the winning team to validate that movment standards have been met. Then we will declare the champion of the 24-hour AMRAP Challenge 2017.
  • How do we get the video footage to you for review – we ask for the video footage of the number one team after the event. The video footage can be transferred via WeTransfer or other digital means or by sharing a link to a pn archived live stream for example. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR FILMING, ARCHIVING AND SUBMITTING YOUR FOOTAGE!


  • Because of time zones, we have to start in the middle of the night, and other teams start at noon. Is that right? – Yes, that is right, that is the setup of a real-time event that lasts for 24 hours. But in the end, 24 hours is 24 hours, and all teams will have to work throughout day and night
  • Is there a way to communicate with the organisers during the event? – Yes,  we have a communications/support team standing by 24 hours non-stop to help you out where needed, answer questions, etc. We can be reached online, and even by phone. More info will be provided for the participating teams as the event draws near.
  • So 1 athlete can work at a time, what does that mean exactly? – As 1 athlete works, the other 5 rest, so work is done in a carrousel style fashion. The question becomes: how long will each athlete work? Will you use a time frame, fe 5 minutes, will you use rep blocks, fe 10 reps each, or will you take shifts of 3 athletes working 1 after another and let 3 athletes rest completely? It’s entirely up to you, just try to complete as many reps as possible in that hour. (Without blowing yourself up, 24 hours is a long time)
  • Do you offer refunds? – We do not offer refunds as stated in our terms of service
  • Other questions? Drop us a line at 24amrap@mail.com