Hour 20 Has The Power!

Hour 20 is another power hour with the deadlift to move as much weight as possible. 1 kg moved equals 1 point. So FE: 10 reps x 100kg = 1000 points.

Again: for those teams operating in countries with pounds as units, please convert the total amount from pounds to kilograms at the end before submitting scores!

  • Deadlift (regular no sumo) – move as much weight as possible 1kg moved = 1 point
  • Double KB Front Rack Walk 8/12kg – hold a KB in each hand in the front rack position and  walk, 2 meters = 1 point
  • Ring Row – 1 rep = 1 point

Ring Row: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhlReCpAE9k