Terms Of Service / Safety Waiver

The 24 hour AMRAP Challenge is a physical fitness event. The participants confirm to agree to the following terms of service by participating in the event, as agreed upon by submitting the team registration form.

  • all athletes participate in this event at their own risk
  • all spectators, coaches, and judges participate in this event at their own risk
  • therefore the organisation and associated parties can not be held responsible for any injuries, damages or other discomforts, physical or psychological, before, during, or after this event that are caused by participation in this event
  • the box or gym where the athletes perform the activities of this event is responsible for the safety of the location and attributes used in the movements
  • the fees of the team registration fee will not be refunded, evenĀ if a team does not participate, cannot participate, does not have enough athletes in the team, or otherwise can not participate in the event
  • in order for the repetions made to be counted as RX, a CF-L1 or higher certified CF trainer or 2016 certified CF Judge must be present at all times to validate RX form and to ensure safety
  • in order to be crowned as champion of the event the 24AMRAP organization requires at least 15 minutes per hour of video footage of the team at work to be available for judging
  • teams hereby declare to participate in an honest, transparent, and sportsmanship manner

CFH Events, July 2018