Hour 19

Get some fresh air!

Strict Barbell Shoulder Press 15/20kg – from Front Rack Position press barbell up to extended arms OH press position. Strict so no hip movement to create momentum to bring the bar up – 1 rep = 1 point

V-up – or Jackknife Sit-up by bringing the hands and feet up to touch each other by contracting the abs and working the hip flexors, keep the legs and arms as extended as possible (see video below) 1 rep = 1 point

Running – 10 meters is 1 rep (yes you can go/should go OUTSIDE)


Hour 17

Get a stopwatch or use the timer on your phone. Or get on the Devil’s Tricycle and breathe fire!  REMEMBER: BURPEES ARE ALWAYS ONE REP!

  • Dead Man’s Hang – 5 seconds = 1 rep – pretty straightforward, you hang freely from the pullup bar, 5 seconds of hanging is 1 rep
  • Wall Sit Hold – 10 seconds = 1 rep – squat down with back flat against the wall and hold, you know what to do, 10 seconds is 1 rep
  • Assault Bike for calories – 1 calorie = 1 rep (if you do not have an assault bike use a rower or ski ERG)

Hold on! 7 hours to go!