HOUR 13 of 24 Hours Of 2019 AMRAP Summer Vibes

Hour 13! Counting down now!

Barbell Thruster 15/20 – front squat and push press rolled into one

Bar Muscle Up [1:4] – hanging from the pullup bar pulling the body up over the bar pushing the body up into top bar support position, extend arms to full pushout, 1 bar muscle up equals 4 points

Mystery Movement 3: Duck Walk – 1 meter is 1 point

Have fun y’all! #enjoythesuck


Hour 12 is here! We’re halfway through!!!

Hour 12 is here! HALFWAY! Let’s celebrate with some MFK-ing Back Squats! So using kg’s as reps and moving as much weight as possible. For those teams operating in countries with pounds as units, please convert the total amount from pounds to kilograms at the end before submitting scores!

  1. Back Squat – move as much weight as possible 1kg is 1 point
  2. Walking Lunges holding a medball 6/9kg – you are free to choose how to hold the medball als long as the medball does not touch the floor – 1 step is 1 point
  3. Side Pillar (on elbow/forearm) – 1 second = 1 rep