Finish Line!

Dear warriors.

You have reached the finish line. You have completed 24 hours of non-stop CrossFit team action. An epic achievement, one to remember and to cherish. Hug your teammates, they deserve it.

Now: rest and recover, sleep, drink and eat. Foam roll and stretch. What will come next:

  1. you have one hour to submit the scores of the last hour ánd check your scores for the entire event. After that hour all scores are FINAL! No exceptions.
  2. during the coming days your team captain will receive an e-mail to download the certificates of completion
  3. we will contact the number one team and ask for video footage of 6 random hours to verify movement standards and calculate rep scores
  4. after validating standards and scores we will declare the champion, 2019 Summer World Champion of the 24AMRAP Challenge

The reviewing process (2 and 3) will take around 1 week after we will declare the official champion and announce the event dates for our flagship december edition.

Thanks again for your attention and dedication! We hope you had a great time.

If you have any questions, drop us a line at

The 24AMRAP Crew

Hour 24 of the 24AMRAP Summer Challenge 2019

Mighty masters of the universe!

We have reached the last hour of our epic #24AMRAP Challenge. Thank you for your attention, time, effort and enthousiasm! Now let’s crush this last hour!!!

  1. Shoulder To Overhead with Barbell 15/20kg – bring the empty barbell from front rack position to overhead position, use any technique you want: strict, push, jerk
  2. Toes-To-Rings – hanging on the rings perform a T2B but now shooting the shoes towards and touching the rings (watch video if you don’t know this movement)
  3. Mystery Movement 5: simultaneous pull-ups [1:3]  – with a partner perform pull-ups simultaneous, 1 rep together = 3 points

Hour 23

Almost there!!! Hour 23!

  1. Sandbag Carry [2m:1] 10/15kg –  you can carry the sandbag any way you like (no sandbags? carry a weight plate any way you like) – 2 meters = 1 point
  2. Overhead Squat 25/30 [1:2] = overhead squat, you know what to do,  1 rep = 2 points
  3. Mystery Movement 4: Ostrich Walk  – relax your back and hang forward face towards knees, keep legs straight, relax your back (!) and walk in small steps while keeping legs straight and tip the floor with your hands (or as far as possible towards floor) with every step  – 1 meter = 1 point  (for detailed instruction watch video below)