Checklist 24AMRAP Summer Bash!

We are getting closer to the start of the event. A couple of things to check so you can be a smooth operator when the clock starts ticking:

  1. the url to submit your scores is here
  2. make sure you count your reps/points correctly, use a system that can be maintained throughout the event.  Some teams use whiteboards, some use poker chips or tokens. If you have a dedicated person or persons who does not participate in the event but just does the counting it will help a lot
  3. you need the EMAIL ADDRESS you signed up with to validate your scores every hour, so write it down NOW, befóre the event starts
  4. for scoring you need your team name (dropdown menu) and email address and of course the score. You will also need to verify RX or scaled performance
  5. DRINK! You will experience fatigue and headaches fast if you do not drink enough. Remember: this is not a 20-minute AMRAP, it’s a 24-HOUR AMRAP. Dehydration will be disastrous. We highly recommend a hydration timer: 1 of the athletes simply sets an alarm that goes off every 30 minutes as a reminder to drink, just take a sip…
  6. enjoy yourselves, relax, play good music, eat good food, tell great stories, dance, laugh

Get ready for an adventure! Almost time!