Athlete’s Spotlight: Nathaniel Lerma


I got to know Nate in 2014 when he participated in the first ever edition of the 24AMRAP Challenge. We’ve been keeping in touch ever since. A passionate CrossFit andĀ endurance athlete, and reigning 24AMRAP World Champion with his team Pennies For The Boatman, winning team of the 2015 edition.

Nathaniel Lerma
Age: 38
Hometown: Greeley, Colorado United States of America
Box: Double-Diamond Crossfit

How did your team prepare for the 24 AMRAP Challenge?

1. I feel the biggest preparation this year was mental prep. The power of perception and truly believing that I was going to win,made me trust in my training ten fold. The 24 was my last event of the season,and I had just bombed my last two races. I was mentally shattered and just defeated,and pissed i was ending my year on a bad note. So after coming in 2nd place at the ragnar ultra. Then seeing our medal with the quote “almost first”, I shifted focus and held myself to a whole new training method. I started to follow an actual program back in august. So my days consisted of getting off work,heading to the box a half hour earlier just to get my extra work in before classes started. Then i would do the daily wod also afterwards. I also entered an 8 week nutrition challenge,so for the first time in my life i started to eat healthy. I started to crack down on getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night. I have a huge support group of family,friends and coaches that also helped me every step of the way.

How did your box prepare for the 24 AMRAP Challenge?

2. lets see the short version would be: Double diamond and Crossfit Endure helped more with the fundraiser part of our 24 hr amrap. We had a project linus event right alongside us as we grinded through. The prep for us was kinda on the fly and I was so thankful all the coaches took turns to help us as time went on. So going into next years 24hr we will be even more prepared with small details.

Was the event different from last year? If yes, how so?

3.Competition wise i would say no, the format was really simple and straightforward like last year. The only thing i could think of is being glued to the leader board lol

Any event highlights? PR’s? Funny stories?

4.I really wanted to beat that 100 Muscle ups from last year,but you guys got tricky and decided to throw in dub’s that same hour. So no pr maybe next year. Funny story hands down would have to our mix up on movements i think in hour 20. In anycase it was the over and under? we googled the movement and got the wrong one,so that hour we did some crazy capoeira like dance thing. We broadcasted the whole event so all our friends watched as we giggled and got our groove on thinking we are nuts. We really needed that hour to be able to laugh because we started to fall apart as a team for a minute. Then after realizing it was the wrong movement, we paniced and called Renato crying like it was the end of the world. After talking to him and getting that all figured out we regained focus and it made us an even stronger team.


How about nutrition?

5. Food wise I ate whatever i felt in the mood for at the time. The real meat and potatoes. Frog fuel, for every endurance race i do. It’s the cleanest burning protein i have ever tried. Beet performer, for the extra cardiovascular kick. Man if you never tried the power of the beets you really need to. Oral I.V. for hydration and it helped with the cramping in the early hours. Oh can’t forget bluemoon beer just because everything is better with beer!!

To sleep or not to sleep? What’s your take on that?

6. That’s a tough one, for myself its no sleep. I have had other 24hr races and found it better to just push through. If anything I’m more a power nap kind of guy.

Any strategies or tips you want to share as World Champions?

7. WORLD CHAMPION’S!! Its hard not to grin everytime I say that out loud. Strategy, there is no strategy, just be adaptable. Everyone has theirĀ strengths and weaknesses, so just work as a team. Tip’s: get a counter for every hour if possible.

Will you do things differently this year?

8.Yes we will because im not going to just hand over that title of world champ easily!

The 24AMRAP Challenge is an extreme CrossFit team event, suitable for athletes of all skill levels, 6-man teams compete in a worldwide real-time event that lasts 24 hours. The 2016 will take place on the 17th and 18th of december 2016. Follow us on facebook to keep up with news and updates.