Ready To Rock!


We are almost at the starting line of the first ever Summer Edition of the 24AMRAP Challenge! Are you ready?! Born ready right?!

Before we get started we first want to thank you for participating in this event, we are truly honored to be your host these coming 24 hours. A big salute to you, bold athlete, for you have not just chosen to be just uncomfortable, but have chosen to be tested for real, chosen to step not out of your comfort zone but to frogleap way beyond it.

We wish you 24 hours of safe and joyfull WOD joy, laughter, sunshine, reps, good food and sweat. Remember, when you are down and out to keep your smile up and relax. One rep after the one your doing right now, don’t overthink it, don’t look too far ahead into the future, enjoy the moment. It’s all we have.

See you on the other side!

Renato, Brechje, Marco = 24AMRAP Crew

5 Tips To Win The 24AMRAP challenge

Mighty warriors. Only hours to go before we deepdive into the adventure that is the 24AMRAP Challenge and to boldly go where no CrossFitter has gone before. Kinda. In an earlier post we talked about surviving the 24AMRAP, now let’s talk about winning it. Here are 5 tips, based on the data and experience shared by previous champions, and succesful teams from around the globe:

  1. Reps Are King – let’s not beat around the bush, defending World Champions “Pennies For The Boatman” cranked out 53000+ reps last year. That means that if you want to get a shot at the title, you need to consistently bang out at least 2300 reps per hour. For 24 hours.
  2. No Sleep Till Booklyn – a no-brainer really,  champions don’t lie down and snooze the night away…
  3. Don’t Waste A Second – to maximize the amount of reps produced, you need to position and plan your carrousel in such a way that there are never athletes standing around, looking for equipment, or walking towards the pull-up bars etc. You lose reps, see point 1
  4. Caroussel Eating – keep the food and drinks nearby and refuel while the carrousel keeps on turning, eating and drinking right after your turn, maximizing rep production
  5. The Right Soldiers For The Mission – we’ve seen firsthand how some members from a team want to go for max reps every hour and other members from that team just want to hang out, sip coffee and chill. If you want to win, make sure you are in the right team!

Have fun preparing!

24AMRAP Event Checklist


Howdy athletes,

As you’re getting ready for the event, you’ll quickly realize there’s a lot of boxes that need to be checked. So, building on our experience with the two previous events, here is a global event checklist to help you on your way…


  1. does the affiliate owner approve of the event? You will be working in his box for 26-28 hours in total…
  2. when  neccesary: have the neighbours been notified that you will be working through the night?
  3. will there be classes running alongside the event, if so, is everybody involved, aware of this?
  4. do you need a permit to hold this event in your box? Remember: you will be working non-stop for 24 hours
  5. does the location hold enough facilities to make sure the team(s) can work for 24 hours? (simple things like toilets, showers, toilet paper and coffee fe)


  1. is there a person availible qualified to perform first aid?
  2. are there enough medical supplies availible? (cold packs, bandages fe)
  3. are there people availible on location or via phone to help out if needed?


  1. has the equipment list (TBA) been checked? Is all the neccesary equipment present and in good working order?
  2. secondary “equipment” checked? Chalk, wrist wraps, lifting shoes, ript skin fix etc.


  1. enough food and drinks? Remember: you can’t just jump into your car to get some food, you are not allowed to leave the location
  2. thought about storage facilities? One fridge may not be enough for 6 athletes and their entire food and drink rations for 24 hours


  1. it is very important that you can stay online throughout the event, so you can see the 3 movements every hour, submit your scores, stay in touch with our support team etc
  2. if your aim is to win the competition, you need to film at least 15 minutes of every hour so our Judges Team can verify movement standards have been met, if that is the case, make sure your camera(s) are in good working order and set up in the proper position(s)


  1. have fun, everything from WODs in pyjama’s to disco lights to karaoke sets… yes it’s fun!
  2. get the community involved, organize sub-events around the 24-Hour AMRAP, make sure people show up to support the athletes, even use it to attract new members or promote your box

We hope this helps you out. Stay fit!